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Following the success of their fabulously named Extinct Boids (say it aloud!), Ralph ­Steadman once again draws sumptuous, crazy birds and Ceri Levy once more describes them in Nextinction (Bloomsbury, Sept.). It features, in all their squawky feathers-akimbo glory, birds whose demise might be next but that can still be saved. Quirky commentary in the form of diary entries, emails, and phone conversations between the creators is accompanied by conservation information.

Amanda Mastrull Library Journal Review - Editor's Fall Picks, 2015

The Boids are back in town ...

The follow-up to the award-winning EXTINCT BOIDS, this book features more of the incredible art of cartoonist Ralph Steadman. This time the focus is not on the birds that are gone, but the ones that there's still time to save. These are the 192 Critically Endangered birds on the IUCN Red List, species such as the Giant Ibis, the Kakapo, the Sumatran Ground-cuckoo and the iconic Spoon-billed Sandpiper these, along with a number of classic Steadman creations such as the Unsociable Lapwing, are the NEARLY-EXTINCT BOIDS.

Woids are again by author, conservationist and film-maker Ceri Levy. Together, Ceri and Ralph are THE GONZOVATIONISTS.

A proportion of the proceeds from this book goes to BirdLife International, to help them prevent the Nextinction.