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An interesting artwork which accompanied a poem printed by antiquarian book seller, Bernard Stone who was a good friend of Ralph's. Together under the label of Steam Press, they worked on childen's books and illustrated poems of many of the poets and authors who used to frequent the numerous parties at Bernard's Book shop.

The prints measure 195mm w x 255mm and will be signed by Ralph on despatch.

The accompanying poem for this piece reads as follows:

The day had to be right

(he didn't want his shadow to see)

so he slipped into a sack

carted it to the river

& threw it in, then

washed away the traces of brightness

paid the priests to chant

ceremonial mouthfuls of hymns

over the tiny coffin, holding

his final sigh

removed his shoes and socks

so his feet could hear the earth purr

one more time

shook the hands of a few daffodils

who waited in silence

while the trees washed the last birds from the sky

at last crept naked to the spot

he had chosen, squatted knees to chin

until his eyes turned dull& he became a rock.